How To Run Your Digital Marketing Agency During Covid-19 Lockdown?

How To Run Your Digital Marketing Agency During Covid-19 Lockdown?
May 1, 2020 No Comments Digital Marketing PK Agrawal

At a time when a significant percentage of the world’s population is under lockdown, it isn’t necessarily a great phase for business owners.

But then this doesn’t mean you should wind down your business until things get back to normal.

There are ways how you can effectively run your business and even turn COVID-19 lockdown into an opportunity for higher growth.

Here are 5 tips to run your digital marketing agency during coronavirus lockdown.

1. Keep your team motivated- Your agency is your team. If you’re looking to build the best digital marketing agency in India, you need a team of qualified and motivated professionals who share the same vision as you. So, while they are working from home, closely manage your team; manage their anxiety. Keep them motivated to deliver their best work during this time.

2. Cut back on the expenses- Since everyone is already working from home, you’re already saving a lot of money from running your infrastructure (internet, electricity, more). In addition, find other avenues how you can further cut back on your expenses.

3. Don’t convince your clients- There’s a good chance that many of your clients will leave. During this economic contraction, they have their own challenges and financial constraints after all. Do not try to convince them to stay back. Don’t negotiate your charges down for them to say. Avoid spending your time and efforts in stopping them. Let them go.

4. Look for more clients- Yes, we’re going through a recession. But it doesn’t mean businesses have stopped working altogether. They are still running – and many of them are still looking for the best digital marketing company in Delhi & Patna. So, keep your outreach efforts at the peak. Continue working to connect with more prospects. Aim to get as many clients as you can.

5. Hire white label agency- Your current team’s strength can work only on so many projects. When you’re welcoming more clients, instead of adding to your workforce and possibly incurring extra costs, hire a white label digital marketing agency in India. Tap on white label solutions to cater to more clients under your brand without over-stressing your existing resources.


These are five simple tips to run your digital marketing agency in Patna during coronavirus lockdown. Sure, these are challenging times. Things might not be as simple and straightforward as it sounds here. But you have no other option but to be smart in your approach and double-down on your efforts. Even amid this pandemic, there are opportunities for business owners. You just have to know how to tap on those opportunities.

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