Mobilepocalypse is here! How to make your website mobile-friendly?

Mobilepocalypse is here! How to make your website mobile-friendly?

If you have worked a lot on the SEO part for your business and thinking that your website is now ready to face the marketing race, then wait!! Google’s recent changes to search algorithm might impact your website ranking. Don’t think that your web design and development efforts have gone in vain. First understand what the new search algorithm of Google is! Google’s Mobilepocalypse criteria, nicknamed ‘Mobilegeddon,’ will use mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. In short, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then there will be a significant decline in mobile traffic from Google Search.

How to test your Website’s Mobile Friendliness?

  • You can use the powerful tool that Google offers – Mobile-Friendly Test – to find out whether your website is optimized for mobile phones or not. This test can be used by website owners to check how well it performs on a mobile device.
  • Type your URL in the Google search page on a mobile device. If the site URL lacks the “mobile-friendly” tag, then it needs to be updated.

A look at the Mobilegeddon Effects?

To analyze the impact of Mobilegeddon on your website, you need to realize two things: Does traffic to your website via mobile devices has decreased? Does your website have more direct visitors or mobile visitors? For nearly every business, Google search matters. With increase in mobile-friendly devices, mobile-friendliness of your website has become an important part of your marketing strategy.

How to make your Website Mobile Friendly?

  • Getting a mobile-friendly site is not a quick fix. According to Google, responsive web design should be the designing pattern for all websites. A responsive website adapts to the screen size of desktop, mobile phone or tablet, thus, providing perfect view to visitors. A website with responsive design is able to provide better customer experience and takes less loading time. Responsive web design isn’t enough, it should be friendly too. Font sizes and Viewports must be set to automatically adjust the site content on different physical devices.
  • Design a separate mobile-friendly website. Either your website can use same URL as the desktop site, or you can simply use different HTML for mobile site.
  • If designing a new website will increase your business expenses, then consider dynamic serving approach. Your website will send different HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) based on the type of device, such as desktop, tablet or smartphone, requesting the page.

Important thing to note

Along with Mobilegeddon, Google will also use an app indexing feature to optimize search results for the content of the apps. If your website has an app version for mobile devices, you can enable this new app indexing feature by providing information about the relationship between your app and web site to Google. This will help Googlebot to search through your Android Application Package File (APK) in the Google Play store and index your app content.


If your current marketing strategy doesn’t include devising a mobile version for your website, then it’s the right time to contact a professional web design company. As the world goes increasingly mobile, making your website mobile-friendly will help your business to deliver a better search experience to the growing number of mobile users.

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