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Now a day, SEO industry is constantly evolving. Google has updated its SEO algorithms 13 times — and those are just the big, website-altering changes, as Google nearly improves and refreshes their strategies on daily. As such, websites constantly have to adjust their SEO strategies, which is usually a time consuming process. In 2018, instead of being unprepared for new SEO updates, some few strategies to be on the lookout for come this New Year:

  • Optimize for Mobile Traffic

For many websites, most of their traffic is generated through mobile users. Whether through a smart phone or a tablet, mobile traffic has exceeded the use of Laptops (desktop Computer). Websites should be both mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly as the majority of users who access your website will be more likely to come back to your site if it is easy to use.

  • Other Search Engines

While Google has reigned supreme for years now, it is still crucial that your website be optimized for other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.With Firefox having removed Google as their default browser, and Google’s contract ending with Safari, there is the likelihood that other search engines will start to gain popularity, especially since Apple is still dominate in terms of tablets, computers, and smart phones. There have been reports that both Bing and Yahoo are trying to secure a deal with Apple, which, if that happens, Google could potentially have some competition.

  • Social Media

As one of the most popular marketing platforms there is, social media is imperative for success. This is not only the place you can endlessly promote your brand; it is also the place you can engage with your audience, creating a community of loyal followers to you and your company. Be actively engaged on social media in order to gain followers, generate more revenue, and find opportunities to earn links.

  • Earning Links

With all of the SEO algorithm changes, much of what you knew about SEO is different. However, the one thing that remains the same is the use of inbound links. Earning one link on a high-quality website will generate more organic traffic than hundreds of outbound links to run of the mill websites. Focus on networking in order to attract well-known sites to you.

Although DSS SEO strategies can be frustrating, taking advantage of them and implementing them on your site will make a difference in terms of traffic, popularity, and earnings.

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